Green Technologies

Making the world a better, cleaner, smarter place.


The world is changing. More than ever before, people are demanding environmentally friendly applications. REC has grown to meet these new demands, developing innovative solutions that focus on the areas of sustainability and environmental awareness. Our specialists are continually increasing their knowledge base in the area of to green technology. Thanks to the our ongoing cooperation with companies such as Siemens Industry AG and Betronic Solutions BV we now have the ability to contribute toward the global trend of developing environmentally friendly technology. We have proven experience in this sector, having created metering solutions for smart energy and completed research in batteryless solutions for building automation.


Our engineers have experience in the development, implementation and integration of applications for energy solutions (e.g. solar panels).Our experience in providing wireless communication solutions enables us to offer a unique perspective on short-range low-power communication technologies.


Maciej Stachura
Maciej Stachura is responsible for our Green Technologies capabilities within the REC Group.
Tel: +48 698 632 801




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Programming Languages:Embedded C, C++, Microsoft C#.NET, Java 2 Micro Edition, XML, xHTML, Python, SQL
Operating Systems:Windows Desktop/Server, Unix (Solaris), Linux, Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems
Protocols and interfaces:Serial communication (RS-232/485, USB), Wireless Technologies (GSM*, ZigBee, DASH7), RTOS
Database:MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Sybase
Platforms and applications (Application servers):
JBoss, Apache, Tomcat, Microsoft IIS, Oracle
Frameworks, technologies and Libraries:AJAX, ActiveX, OLE, RMI, Webservices, Spring, Struts, Struts2, GWT, GWT-ext. IBM lotus connections, Rhino (Open Cloud)
IDE:Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA, JBuilder
Testing:Mercury, Rational, Segue SilkTest, QARun, JProbe, JStyle, JProfiler, Segue SilkPerformer, HP QTP
Configuration Management:ClearCase, CVS, Perforce, CM Synergy, SubVersion
Project Management:V-Model, Agile (SCRUM), PMI, SPICE, CMMI, SMK

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